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What is FalixNodes?

FalixNodes is the free hosting which provides free and affordable services to our customers, Our services do not have catch or anything else, just use them as long as you want.

The hosting has been founded by two founders (Niks and Mario) and has been existing since the late of 2018. Our primary hosting meaning was to provide free services, however We will slowly expend our business to paid hosting, and few other sides (such as selling Dedicated Servers).

Why and How?

Why We founded FalixNodes and How it is still operating with FREE services?

Simple Explanation

We have founded FalixNodes since in the starting We were planning to do something useful to people with no need to pay for them, so then we decided FREE minecraft hosting! Why? Simple, a lot of people want to host simple server to play with friends or also host small public server without any costy hosting expenses!

However You might ask how we are still alive and how we still provide free services without any cost. The answer is simple, we are using Arc.io and Google Adsense, what that? Arc is peer to peer cdn which will share images and some type of documents to decrease the datacenters bandwidth costs. It do not harm our customers however we earn from it, that how we can keep our free hosting up, we are really happy for customers which stay our websites in their browser backgrounds just to help us :) What about Adsense? Simple either, they are showing advertisments in our websites and we earn from them too.

Sounds Great! However are there any other information?

Of course there are! However we cannot describe everything in one page since it would be too long. Want to learn about us? Just contact us in Discord Group. :)

What are you waiting for?

Take our free hosting now! It is free and you can start using it any time!