Cookie Policy Cookie Policy is mean for you to understand what Cookies is and how we use them.
Updated at 13/06/2020

1. What are cookies?

- You can learn about cookies in

2. Do we use cookies?

- Yes, we use cookies to make better customer experience, ability to provide services and improve the website.

3. For what we use cookies?

- We use cookies to able to provide the services to our customers since without it you wouldn’t able to log in, analyse the visitor base with various information with Google Analytics and provide advertisement from Google Adsense.

4. Can I erase them?

Yes! You can erase your cookies, please follow your browser tutorial on how to erase them.

5. Google Analytics and Adsense

- Google Adsense and Analytics is using some kind of information to provide services since we use them on our website. You agree to have their cookies and give few data to them, once you visit our website.

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