Privacy Policy You bind to Privacy Policy once You visit our website and use our services.
Updated at 13/06/2020

1. Why is Privacy Policy required?

- The requirement of Privacy Policy is to better serve customers which are considering their own privacy in our data storages, to make sure the FalixNodes is compliance with all data protection laws and to be transparent between our customers and us (FalixNodes).

2. What information do we collect from customers and visitors?

- IF YOU ARE USING OUR FREE HOSTING: We are collecting this information (Your discord account’s e-mail address, discord account’s username, your discord account activities (joined guilds), PayPal email (collected if purchased any plan), phone number, recorded IP address upon first registration and last login’s IP address) if you are registering in our website & services (Discord button upon auth page), and if you are visiting our website (Client Panel & Main), you are agreeing to Google Analytics privacy policy, Google Adsense privacy policy and our privacy policy.

- IF YOU ARE USING OUR PREMIUM (PAID) HOSTING: We are collecting this information (Your first and last name, address, IP address, phone number, e-mail address, discord username, country, city, company name [if any], tax ID [if any], and ISP name) if you are registering in our billing panel & services. If you are visiting our website then You also agree to Google Analytics and Adsense.

3. How we use collected information from customers and visitors?

- If you’re a registered customer, we use your collected information to provide you with the services, prevent future fraud behalf the future customers, to have usable experience for our customers and offer to review our services.

4. The database breach notification

- In case the database breach happens, we will notify about it within 15 days to make sure the customers can change our service’s account password to be safe and to compliance with data protection laws.

5. Privacy Policy change notification

- Incase Privacy Policy changes, we will notify all the customers 1 day before the Privacy Policy change in the force of use. The notification will be noticed in discord group of FalixNodes.

6. Which data is shared to third party companies

- When you visit our website (Client Panel, Main, Game Panel and other subdomains) and agree to Google Analytics and Google Adsense (To learn more, You must visit website), you consent to give your country name, device info, browser info and other information to Google, to know more information, please review Google Analytics and Adsense privacy policy. And when you register, you consent to allow us to share the e-mail address with Trustpilot. Any other customer Infos are not shared with third-party companies

7. Where the customer data is stored?

- All information and data are stored inside of EEA/Europe Union.

8. How long will collected data be stored?

- All collected data will be stored till the date of account and services termination or withdrawal of customer request.

9. European Citizens rights

- European Citizens have the right to:

- Withdrawal from the User Agreement. To withdraw consent from User Agreement, please contact us via [email protected], WhatsApp support or discord ticket support. Once withdrawal completed, You will no longer be able to use our services and we will no longer store your collected information.

- Request the collected data. You can request your collected data to be sure we are collecting the specific information which we’ve told in our Privacy Policy. To request the collected data, please contact us via [email protected], WhatsApp support or discord ticket support, the request will be completed within 5 workdays and will be sent to customer’s email.

- The right to restrict us from specific data collection and processing. If you would like to restrict us from specific data collection and processing, please contact us via discord support ticket.

10. Data Officer

- We have a data officer who takes care of the collected data. The contacts of Data Officer (Mario Latif Fathy) is MARI0#4267 (Discord) or e-mail address of [email protected]

11. How do we secure and protect the collected data?

- We’ve made a decision which means a lot of your collected data are stored behalf of other companies (ex. Discord account password) to be sure the smallest collected data which is handled by us. Any other collected data which are handled by us are stored in the protected database with strong security and strict authorization by only few trusted management team.

12. CPPA (California Online Privacy Protection Act)

- The CPPA is made to protect any USA state citizen data and all of the international and internal companies need to follow the act. Due to CPPA you have rights to visit anonymously, see the Privacy Policy link at our website pages and you have right to change your personal information in our collected data.

13. Contacts where FalixNodes legal team can be contacted

You can contact to our FalixNodes legal team via discord group, [email protected], and WhatsApp.