Refund Policy In this category, You can check if You can refund in certain cases.
Updated at 13/06/2020

1. What services and how within how much days I could request the refund?

- You have the right to request and receive the refund within 24 hours if you are inside Europe, the US or any other country. However, you might need to provide valid reason on why you want to refund and few of our services are not applicate on the refund policy which includes Dedicated Servers, Domains, Account Funds (credit), and Administration Services (Plugin Configuration package or any other package which includes in this category), and we also might reject your Refund request if our payment gateway (e.g. PayPal, other) do not provide the refund option or fees are too high. If you want to refund requests to your PayPal, we will not be able to refund the PayPal fee due to the new user agreement in PayPal. In case you open the Refund Request, Your Refund request will be processed within 3 workdays and processing time will not count as the days of used services for the Refund Policy. You can request the Refund Request at any time in our Discord Ticket Support, WhatsApp or Email. Once Refund Request completes, you will no longer be able to purchase the same service to prevent future abuse.